Where Audio Meets Aesthetics: Explore Hi-Fi Design Masterpieces

Discover the perfect blend of great sound and stunning design through a collection of beautifully crafted audio equipment showcased in high-quality photos.

Holo Audio MAY DAC

Audio Research I/50 Integrated Amplifier

Luxman CL 1000 Preamp

PMC cor Integrated Amplifier

Nagra Classic INT

Thorens TD 309

Best Designed Integrated Amplifiers
Yamaha A-S3200 Integrated Amplifier
Western Electric 91E Integrated Amplifier
PMC cor Integrated Amplifier
Audio Research I/50 Integrated Amplifier
NAD C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier
Technics Stereo Integrated Amplifier SU-R1000

Best Designed Turntables
Thorens TD 309
Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable
Shinola The Runwell Turntable
AMG Giro MK II Turntable

Best Designed Preamplifiers
Luxman CL 1000 Preamp
Quad Artera Pre Analogue Preamplifier

Best Designed Power Amplifiers
McIntosh MC1.25KW 1-Channel Solid State Amplifier

Best Designed Open Reel Tape Machines
Ballfinger M 063 H6
Thorens TM 1600
SonoruS Audio ATR10 MKII

Best Designed DAC
HoloAudio May DAC

Best Designed Speakers
Buchardt P300 Speakers
KEF LS60 Wireless Speakers
Focal Grande Utopia EM Evo

Notable Mentions
Astell&Kern ACRO L1000 DAC / Headphone Amp
Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium
Transparent Turntable TT-B and TT-W

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