Shinola The Runwell Turntable

The Runwell Turntable is Shinola’s first product in the audio category. Shinola collaborated with Astro Studios and VPI to create a luxury turntable, made in the US, fit for the surging vinyl renaissance.
The Runwell Turntable is made with aluminum and stainless steel (MDI, New Jersey), American rubber (Pyramid Rubber, Ohio), an American motor (Hurst), American white oak (WDI, Forest Lake), modular electronics (American Board) and a Shinola-crafted leather slip mat.
This statement furniture piece has a warm feel with a blend of the sonic and the aesthetic.

Designed by: Brett Lovelady, IDSA, Kyle Swen, IDSA, David Whetstone, Brett Newman and Will Meeker of Astro Studios for Shinola

Turntable Specifications

Type — Belt driven manual turntable
Motor — 115 VAC Synchronous AC Motor
Turntable Speeds — 33-1/3 RPM and 45 RPM
Wow and Flutter — < .1%
Cartridge — Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge
Output — 5.5 mV @ 1 KHz
Power Supply — ~120 V 60 Hz ~15.5 W MAX
Power Consumption — < 8W
Safety Approvals — Built to meet CSA 60065 and UL 60065
Dimensions — 18.5” (470 mm) W x 13.5” (343 mm) D x 4.3” (109 mm) H
Weight — 40 lbs. (18 kg)

Phono Preamplifier Specifications

Gain 1kHz MM: 35.4dB (Installed)
Gain 1kHz MC: 55.1dB (Please contact support to configure for MC)
Termination impedance, MM gain resistive: 47kohm, via synthetic cooled termination
Equivalent temperature of 47kohm input termination, midband: <20 degrees Kelvin Termination impedance, capacitive: 200pF on board Termination impedance, MC gain resistive: installed on input pads per cartridge requirements EQ characteristic: RIA A standard Infrasonic filter: second-order maximally-flat, -3dBr at 13Hz Line-level output resistance: 49.9 ohms, unmuted Overload margins: > 32dB at any frequency from 20Hz to 20kHz,
based on reference levels of 5mV rms at 1kHz, 500uV rms at 20Hz, 50mV rms at 20kHz
Output noise, MM gain, at various analyzer filter bandwidths and 75 ohm generator Z:
22Hz to 22kHz: 22uV rms
100Hz to 22kHz: 12uV rms
400Hz to 22kHz: 8.6uV rms
Output noise, MC gain, 10 ohm generator Z:
22Hz to 22kHz: <220uV rms
100Hz to 22kHz: <120uV rms
400Hz to 22kHz: <86uV rms
Power consumption from mains input, preamp only enabled: <8W
Distortion at noise-versus-distortion inflection point: <0.001%

Turntable parts sourcing:

Platter Assembly, Tonearm, Pulley, Platter Boss Insert, Motor Mount Clamps & Feet
Lakewood, NJ
Cliffwood, NJ
Wood Skirt
Forest Lake, MN
Top Plate
Grand Rapids, MI
Under Carriage (DC Rectifier Box)
Northridge, CA
Phono Preamplifier
Moorpark, CA
Under Carriage (Tray), Platter Coin, Pulley Cap, Knob, Bezel, Preamp Enclosure and Power Supply

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