Thorens TM 1600 Tape Machine

The Tape machine Thorens TM 1600 was developed in cooperation with Duesseldorf based specialist Ballfinger and adds another traditional analogue component to Thorens product range. It’s a half track quarter inch design with three motors. It handles reels up to 10.5” with speeds of 19 or 38 cm/s. CCIR equalization for most European recordings and NAB for Americas and Asia can be selected. An edit function for single handed operation is integrated.

Base for the new machine is the newly developed very compact tape drive from Ballfinger. With only 50 mm height it gives a freedom of design that has not been seen before. Head and capstan motor are placed far from each other to generate a very high signal to noise ratio.

2-track playback
19 and 38 cm/s
Reels up to 10.5“
3 Motors
Newly developed tape path geometry
Real time digital counter (Hour/ Minute/ Second/ Second/100)
Very compact drive
Optional wall mounting
External power supply for reduced interferences

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